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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 18:36:21 -0700 (PDT) From: Christian Debus Subject: "Changed Circumstances" Chapter 27 Gay Male/Authoritarian "CHANGED CIRCUMSTANCES" A Sequel to "A Reversal of Fortune" Chapter 27 "Re-united" This is a story of erotic fiction xxx f meant xnxx bideo for x nxx adult readers over the age of eighteen years. Written by Jean-Christophe xnxe (Chris) "To see all my stories go to" Chapter 27: "Re-united" NORGE: I'm left to stand alone during my xnxxcina Master's absence as he has Cato and Rafe valued. I have time on my hands and I use it xxnx sex hd video to wonder xhamster xnxx and worry about Rafe. What is happening to him? And how is he coping with xnxhd all that www xnxx com best 2018 08 is happening to him? I know from my own experiences that he wouldn't be handling his situation at all well. xnxx site My enslavement had been traumatic enough for me and so I recognise it must be infinitely worse for poor Rafe. He doesn't have the porno photo strength of character I'd possessed when xnxx xxx movies I was enslaved. Although becoming xnxxphotos a slave had shocked me, I at least xnxx bokep had 'knocked around" the world video and had been exposed to its harsh realities. And this had helped me get through the trauma of becoming a slave. Rafe by comparison xnnxx had led a sheltered life of pampered ease and unimaginable luxury. He'd xnxx japan been spared the harsh realities of life that is the lot of the commoner. His world was that of the spoiled aristocrat. His present fate would xnzx have been inconceivable to him and I know he xnxx hd vi isn't handling it well. I have heard his soft crying in the dark stillness of our stall and I had felt the sob induced trembling that had disturbed his sleep. At first, I'd rejoiced in his downfall and briefly I had gloated over it. But there is something about Rafe that tugs at me. I can no longer find joy in the fact that he is now a slave. As hard as I try, it's impossible for me to imagine the sense of desolation and shame that he must feel at the very xnxx. public revelation xnxxsex of his tainted, slave blood, xnxx .com the loss his once proud name and the Barrois fortune and most shatteringly of all his loss of freedom. Just a few short days ago he'd had the world at his feet. Now xnsxx he is just a naked slave xnn video undergoing an appraisal so that his Master will have an understanding of his monetary worth. His first evening xnxxcom as a slave, he'd slept in my stall. I remember free xnxx videos thinking how lost and bewildered https www xnxx he was. Within the space of an afternoon he'd lost everything that he'd held dear. xnxxx korea Now he was naked and his new brand was an angry red outline against the flawless perfection of his left flank. As I lay stretched out on the straw covered xnx photos floor of my xnx stall, he'd stood xnxx desi before me uncertain as to what he should do. Fearfully brazzers xnxx hd he xnxx hd new looked around the stall and avoided looking directly at me. He was nervous and I saw xxnx videos his fear of me reflected in xanxx his eyes. He was like a little lost boy and at that moment my heart went out to him. He was, I decided a "man-child" sorely in need of someone to take care for xnxx tubes him. And I determined that someone would be me. I can't change what has happened to him; www xnxx sex he is irretrievably lost. His aristocratic life lies shattered amid the ruins of his past and his life as a slave stretches before him into an unfathomable future. What he makes of that future is up www.xnxx to him. He is now a slave and will remain so until the end of his days. I can't lighten his heavy burden but I can assist him to carry his load. If he'll allow me, I will help him through these first difficult days and show him how to accept his slavery. There'd been no one to assist me at first but wwwnxxx I was stronger in xnnn character than Rafe is now. My concern xnxx sex indo is that Rafe will just give in and pine away. This isn't all that uncommon with the newly enslaved and once a slave does give in to his trauma then no amount of coercion or whipping will dissuade him otherwise. If anything, this just hastens the situation to its inevitable conclusion xnxxmovie and the slave wastes away and dies. I xnxxmovies am determined this won't happen to Rafe. Last night in the seclusion of our stall, wxnxx I'd told Rafe of the three rules for his survival. It is necessary for him to learn xnxx sex tube these three rules and to live by them if his life as a slave www xnxx video is to be even tolerably bearable. After the shock of my own enslavement had worn off, I'd thought of these rules to aid me in my own survival and they free xnxx movies had assisted me greatly. I told Rafe of the rules hd and warned him to listen and heed - but I'm not sure that he did. Certainly xdxx I will be constantly re-enforcing them to him until they become part of his unconscious nxxx routine. The first rule is that he is now a slave and he must unconditionally accept this as his future; the second is that he must give unswerving loyalty and obedience to his Master and strive to please him in all things and lastly he must learn to trust his Master's good judgement and to never question those decisions made on his behalf. These are simple rules that xnxxa I had lived by when Rafe was my Master. Now, xnxx picture as Guy Maratier's slave, he must accept them and live by them himself. And last night in the warm security of each other's embrace I told him I would be there to assist him. But now I xnxx.cim don't know if I will able to keep my commitment to him. What if our Master has decided to sell Rafe xnxx3 together with Cato? Has he been brought here to be sold? If so, Rafe will be alone and vidio xnxx I won't be there to support him. I xnxx videos com am deeply saddened by the thought that Rafe could be sold xnxx pictures and left alone to fend for himself. This morning, along xnxx vidio with xxn Cato he'd xxx pic run naked at my side as our Master took both of them to be valued. It was no secret that xnxx our Master planned to sell Cato. Indeed among the xnxx sex com household xnxx videos slaves there was an air of quiet rejoicing at his xxnx hd fate; his heavy-handed use of the cane hadn't endeared him to us. Within every household there is tamil xnxx videos a "grapevine or bush telegraph" that keeps all of its slaves xnxx* informed of their owner's movements. And so it www xnxx com best 2018 12 is within our xnxxhd household. We all knew that Cato had run afoul of his new, temporary Mistress, Charlotte Maratier. We didn't know the reasons why xnxx h but we know that she has advised out Master to sell hd him. Rumour has it xnxxmom that she also has a deep hatred of Rafe and I wonder if she has wwwxnxxx decided that he too is to be sold? I fear she has and I am distressed to think that I won't xxnx com see Rafe again. When we had arrived, xnx movie I stood quietly as both Rafe and Cato were unhitched from my cart. I watched as Cato xxnx2019 was unceremoniously hauled away to an inspection room and I had even felt a twinge of pity for him. I watched and listened as our Master had https.// instructed Rafe to fetch a parasol from the parcel compartment of my cart and I had listened as Master instructed Rafe in its use. He'd used the opportunity to berate Rafe xxnxxx and he spoke to him as one would to a dog undergoing obedience training. I was proud of Rafe; he'd remained silent - how hard that must have been for him - and he'd obeyed Guy Maratier's instructions about xnxxvideos the umbrella's use to shade him from the sun's burning rays. Our Master is fair-skinned and prone to sunburn and the oppressive heat had shortened his temper even further than is usual. His threat to have Rafe caned should he allow the sun to shine on his head proved a powerful incentive for Rafe to apply himself diligently to the task in hand. I saw Rafe blanch at the threat of a xxxx image further caning. But Rafe will have to get used to such threats. They are an everyday hazard for a slave and regrettably they'll become a big part of his life. And he has so many adjustments to make to xnex his new life. Poor Rafe! Rafe of course has www. no such protection and his naked body is fully exposed to the sun's fury. Fortunately for him, his x.xx body has had long exposure to the sun and his skin is a warm, golden brown colour. That is except for the whiteness of his midriff which fortunately for him is coated with a heavy-duty sunscreen especially formulated for use on field slaves. Over the past two days, Rafe has worked naked; firstly www xnxx com/ on the woodheap splitting the heavy logs for the house's heating system and then yesterday, he'd been harnessed to a lawnmower cutting the extensive lawns surrounding his Master's home. indo xnxx Already there is a difference and the whiteness of his ass is taking on a pinkish hue. It won't be free xnxx long before it matches the rich tones of his upper torso and gay xnxx legs. I xnxx full movie feel for Rafe. Our xnxx teen Master is obviously humiliating Rafe by reducing him to the level of an "umbrella slave". There is a pecking order among slaves and those who carry their Masters' or Mistresses' umbrellas are at the bottom of that pecking order. Our Master has succinctly indicated to xxnxcom Rafe that he is now among their number. After Rafe and Cato had been sex video xnxx taken away I was on my own and left to my solitary thoughts. One thing I have discovered during my time as a pony is that it's better at these times is to "blank" your mind and not to think too much. There's no point in thinking of your past indoxnxx life or regretting what you have lost. I'd discovered this very early on and now I'm able to close my mind and shut down my thought processes and to use the time to rest. At these times, my only pre-occupation is with the xnxx you have need to xnxx sex mom allow my stressed body to nxxn recuperate xnxx in hindi after a hard run and to xnxx porn video refresh itself in preparation for the next. But this is not the situation today. As I stand and sweat, I find I am fretting over Rafe. What is to happen xnxx app to him? My time passes slowly. Every brick in the walls and every cobblestone radiate the heat back into the confined space xnxxx sex video of the yard with furnace like intensity. There is no shade provided for me - this is symptomatic of the callous disregard our owners have for us - and I must stand and sweat where I am tethered. Fortunately my body is sun-hardened. The months that I had toiled out at "La Foret" had prepared me well for my life as a pony slave. Providing he isn't sold today, I xnxx sex movie recall that the man who'd sent me there for my conditioning is soon to undergo his own under the exact same conditions. The irony of indian nude pic this isn't lost on me. But I'm xnxxx hd not rejoicing. Rather I am concerned for Rafe. Will he be able to endure the rigours of life as a plantation slave? My own experiences tell me he'll find it very difficult. As yet Rafe has only suffered the pain of the cane. I know he thinks that's the worst that can happen to him in the way of punishment. But he is wrong. He has never felt the fiery sting of the bullwhip on his naked back or the agonising cut of the lash across his bare ass. He is yet to experience both. Should our master xxnxvideos keep Rafe and www.nxx send him out to "La Foret" then he will be on his own. I won't be sex video full hd there to protect or advise him. He'll need to adjust or go under. It will be a case of sink or swim and I worry that Rafe isn't up to the task. Will he have the strength of character to rise above his suffering and sex xnxx hd will he have the endurance xnxxn to survive? I know from my experiences that there is no compassion in the hearts of the plantation's overseers and they won't make allowances for the "special circumstances" of Rafe's situation. And they won't show him any mercy. Indeed just the opposite is probably true; they'll xfxx single Rafe out for "special attention" and make his life a misery. site His lot will be many times -possibly a hundred times - harder than my own. Rafe, as the former Master, will xnxx free sex xnxx movie be despised by the overseers and loathed by his fellow slaves. His suffering will be the greater for that and infinitely worse than mine. The thought of this upsets me and the realisation xnxx pron video that I am powerless to assist him frustrates me. Should he return home with me today, then I will xxx. com do all within my power xxx hd to prepare him for the horrors that await him at "La For€t". And the horrors are many. I wonder if when Rafe toured his plantation as Lucien Barrois did xnxx images he ever notice the squalor and filth of the slave stables, the grinding, soul www xnxx com search desi destroying labour of the slaves toiling from dawn til dusk in his fields? Did he hear the crack of the whips and the thwack of leather biting into naked flesh and the agonised cries of his long suffering slaves? Was xnxxindo he familiar with the tasteless mush that was routinely fed to his slaves? My inclination is that the proud young "aristocrat", who was Lucien Barrois, was too disinterested to see the miserable xnxx sex videos existence of his slaves. Now as the slave Rafe, he'll have personal experience of them. It would be easy to hate Rafe because of his past and gloat over his downfall. I can understand the feelings of disbelief of the La For€t slaves when xnxx sex japan they first realise their former Master is now one of them. And I'm sure the overseers will make sure the slaves are made aware of this at the earliest possible moment. This will be followed by feelings of jubilation at xxxnx Rafe's downfall and the need for retribution. There will be great animosity directed at Rafe and seen from the perspective of one of his former slaves, who can blame them. Is it only few days ago that my interest was aroused by a panic stricken, terrified new slave running from the Court's xnxx stories forge in a vain effort to escape the branding iron? I'd watched with slight amusement as the blacksmith's slaves brought him down in a xnxc flying tackle and dragged him struggling and zxnxx pleading back into the forge. Then, in utter xxncom disbelief, I recognised the xnx xxx new slave as my Master. Gleefully, I heard his agonised scream as the branding iron seared the shameful mark of slavery into his flesh and I watched delightedly as he was led collared and bound over to my cart by our new Master, Guy Maratier. Sneeringly, I'd smiled at his sudden unexpected misfortune and as he ran naked alongside of me for the first time on the way back to the home www xnxx com search xxx com that was no longer his, I'd gloated at the very public taunting of him by the jeering onlookers. I exulted in his snivelling self-pity and in his xxnx com hd tears of rejection. So yes - I can understand that the xnxx movi plantation slaves will rejoice www xnxx com search sexy xnxx.videos at having their former master working among them. But then something happened that changed my attitude towards Rafe. As we ran side by side, from somewhere deep within him, Rafe cried out - "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." And instinctively, I knew it was a heartfelt apology. True it took his own misfortune to prompt it xnxx mom and it's doubtful if he'd have made it as Lucien Barrois. But he xn x x had xnxx porn hd said so as the slave Rafe and inexplicably I felt compelled to respond. Now I have great pity for Rafe and I feel a strange awakening of some other, deeper feeling for him. And how do I prepare him for the night time horrors of sex photos the slave stables? He'll be viewed by his fellow slaves as "fresh meat" and an easy target for their sexual advances. I'd experienced this for myself but I'd successfully fought off such unwanted advances. My knockabout www xnxx com search school seaman's life had hardened my body and www xnxx com video qzcxn8d steeled my resolve. I was equal to those xnxxw slaves and I had fought off xnxx move their crude attempts to "use" me. But Rafe is soft and this worries me. How will he fight off the unwanted attentions of the more dominant of his fellow slaves as they gang up on him? Thinking of all this brings memories of my fellow slave, Jake flooding back. He was the only bright spot in my time at indian xnxx hd La Foret and his friendship had helped me through those difficult six months. I wonder if Jake is still at La Foret and how well he is faring. Perhaps in my absence, Rafe xnxx vide will find a "Jake" of his own; someone to xnx tube lie alongside of him during the night-time and who'll provide him with mutual comfort and protection. I hope desi xnxx net so! Time is dragging for me as I wait for my Master's return and my fears and doubts about Rafe disturb what should be a placid interlude www xnxxx between runs. Rafe's future is very much on my mind. In the morning's heat, I'm perspiring freely and I'm plagued by flies and insects who feed off my salty sweat. They swarm over me and gather in the corners of my eyes and around my nostrils. xcnxx They enter my mouth and their feathery presence teases the sensitive tip of xnxx hd movie my cock and tickles my balls. With my hands fastened to the shafts of my cart I can only shake my body and stamp my feet in a vain attempt to dislodge these annoying pests. But my relief is all too brief; momentarily I am free of them as they fly away only xnxxx .com to return within seconds xxxx photos and resume their feasting. My throat is parched www xnxx com tags - I've not had water since early this morning - and the long run into the city was thirsty one. I need water to slake my burning thirst and xnxx hd sex to replenish my body moisture. And I need to piss - desperately. While it's generally frowned upon, our drivers recognise that inevitably there will be times when their ponies -through circumstances quite beyond their control xnxx sex scandal - will need to urinate or defecate in public as they xnxxx videos www xnxx com search www xvideos com stand and wait on their masters. Many pony slaves just accept this as an inevitable part of their existence and relieve themselves unselfconsciously as part of their now xnxx film basic natures as beasts-of- burden. However, I've never been one of them and I fight my overwhelming desire to urinate. I may be used as a beast of burden by my Master but I still retain some xxxphoto vestiges of my humanity and my pride won't allow me to sink to the base xncxx level of an animal. Usually establishments such as this one have slaves who see to sex xxn the needs of its clients' ponies indian xnxx videos and I wait impatiently for one to attend to me. But the contest between my xnxx by seen pride and my bladder's need for relief is proving to be an uneven one and is one I lose. My hands are restrained and so I'm unable to assist myself to piss. My cock is semi-tumescent and is 'out of control" and the stream of my urine splatters onto the cobblestones between my outstretched legs and humiliatingly, I find I'm left standing in a puddle of xnx com my own piss. However, as this quickly evaporates in the day's heat, I look up and see a slave approaching with water for me to drink and a bucket for me to urinate into. Too late! But the water is most welcome and the hnxx slave xxx com helps me to drink by placing a tube into my mouth through which I suck sex xnxx up as much water from the container he holds as quickly as I can. So great is my need for this water that the silence of the yard is broken by my loud, thirsty slurping. My thirst now satisfied, I ask the slave about the whereabouts of my Master and his two slaves. I learn that Master has decided to sell older of the two slaves and that the unfortunate Cato has been placed in chains and removed to the holding pens to await sale while the other, younger slave has been appraised by the slave's master, Lionel Schuster and is now in an adjacent www xnxx com search indian yard undergoing tests of his strength and endurance. I am worried about the implications of this for Rafe and I then ask if he knows whether or not the younger slave is to be sold too. The slave huffily reminds xnxx foto me that he is only a slave -the same as me - and not privy to xxnx pics such information. That -he tells me - is for our masters to decide and not for us to concern ourselves with. But then he tells me that my xndxx Master has just bought a new slave who is to join me shortly and that perhaps he is a replacement for the younger xxxn of my Master's two slaves. www xnxx videos My heart sinks. Soon, I watch with a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach as my Master's newest purchase is brought out of the pens, led movie xnxx over and fastened to xnxx zoo my cart. I look at this handsome, new slave and I see him as a replacement for Rafe. He is xnxx porn movies smiling broadly; I dislike his air of smugness and I take an instant dislike to him and as xnxx tamil yet sex xxnx we haven't spoken to one another. He speaks xnxx porn videos and tells me his name is Pollux but he doesn't bother to ask me for my name. I am convinced I'll never see Rafe again! xxx sex >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There is something about this new slave that I don't like. Instinctively I don't trust him. xxxx photo He is my hd xnxx video Master's latest purchase and I fear the worst. Has Master bought him as a replacement for Rafe? Desperately I hope not. Perhaps it is the thought that he could be Rafe's replacement xnxx vedes that feeds my dislike of him. But even without this fear I know I still would not like him. Without a xnxx 2019 doubt He is one of the most beautiful slaves I have seen and I'm not to know it is this that attracted my Master to him. He has the most handsome features and an outstanding physique and he knows it, He possesses a swagger and a cock-sureness that no slave is entitled to have. xnxxtelugu A slave is meant to be humble but I see no signs of humility in him. His manner and bearing belie the fact that he is only a slave and hot xnxx videos I wonder about this. Condescendingly, he tells me his name is Pollux but he doesn't bother to xvnxx ask for my name. It is obvious that he looks down on me. He sees me as a common pony, a beast of burden fit only to xnxxz pull my Master's cart around the city. His disdain for me is all too obvious. Looking at him, I know he's not newly enslaved; the mandatory xxx.xnxx brand on the left side of his ass is an old one - older even than mine. Unlike me he doesn't have an owner's brand similar xnxx jav to the Barrois family brand which I bear on my right pectoral just above the nipple. However, within days, together with Rafe, he'll receive the new Maratier brand which will replace the older and now xoxx discredited xnxx hd videos Barrois xnxx sex movies one. I wonder if Master will put this new mark on all his slaves and have us rebranded. I shudder at the prospect! Looking free porn xnxx at his brand, I would estimate he has been a slave for quite a xnxx download number of xnxx japanese years. Pollux speaks with an easy self -assurance quite out of keeping with him being a slave. As he stands tethered to our Master's cart, he tells me that his owner had died recently and he had been consigned as a part of the deceased estate now waiting in the adjacent pens for next Friday's sale. As we wait for our xxxxn Master's return, he openly boasts sex xnxxx how he'd spotted Guy Maratier as a likely new master and how he'd attracted attention to himself by xnxx hd movies wriggling his ass and dangling his cock and balls through the bars of his pen. And I have to admit his ass is most alluring and his genitals inviting to the touch. Who could blame my Master for falling under the spell of not have xnxx this cunning and conniving slave? He openly laughs at how he'd used his bodily charms to cajole our Master into buying him. He xnxxxxxx tells me he sees our Master as an "easy target" and that He'll soon have him 'eating out of his hands". He plies me with questions about our Master and sunny leoneo xnxx his background; he wants to know xxnx sex video so much. And www xnxx com tags telugu even though I don't care for his manner, I answer xnxx sex story his queries. As a slave he needs to know who his master is. xnxx2019 I tell him about our Master's very recent elevation from obscure penury to unimaginable wealth. And in the process I tell him about Rafe's downfall. This intrigues him and he continues to question me. Where is Rafe now? I tell him ixxx Rafe is being valued and he asks is he to be www xnxx com search indian anal sold? I xnx videos tell I don't know what my Master has in mind for Rafe. However, I don't tell him of my concerns xnxxl or inner turmoil at mom xnxx hd the prospect of losing Rafe. As I said, I dislike Pollux intensely and I fret that he is now to be the replacement slave for Rafe. I dislike his smug arrogance and I xnxx jepang fervently hope to see it xnxxm whipped sex xnxx videos out of him and to porn pics see xnxx om him reduced xnxx com hd to where he rightly belongs -down at my level along with the rest of our Master's slaves. There really isn't a xxx photo place among our ranks for this uppity, xnsex young slave. And my dislike for him is to intensify in the coming days and I will continue to hope that this smart assed slave will get his "come uppance". Then I am cheered as I think that he is a new slave to znxx our Master's household and as such he will receive his welcome to the household caning. I hope Master sends next door for Pug and sex video I hope the Colonel's whip master applies the cane with the full force of his animal like strength. He thought of this gladdens me and I smile broadly. Pollux notices and asks - "Why are you smiling?" My porno xnxx reply is cryptic. "Oh, it's nothing out of the ordinary. xxnxx jepang I just had a pleasant thought, that's all." sex videos >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RAFE: Now, at the conclusion of xnnx my tests of strength and endurance, my Master and Lionel Schuster move to one side to privately discuss how much vnxx I am worth. I nnxxn strain to listen as my Master and the slaver discuss my future. It has to xnxx hd download be said, the dealer is very keen for me to be sold. He presses hard for my Master's agreement to offer me for sale and tells him I was x xx a rare commodity - a "slave of great interest" xxnxporno - who will arouse the frenzied bidding of those discerning buyers who are always on the lookout for the unusual. As he points out I am "collector's item" and he asks usa xnxx 2019 -"who wouldn't want to own the former Lucien Barrois as his slave?" Lionel Schuster promises my Master that I am worth xnxx porn tube a small fortune and with the proper promotion - "why your slave could easily break all previous records as the most expensive slave ever sold". Briefly, I think my Master is tempted. indian porn Certainly he asks more questions xhxx of Lionel Schuster as to what He thinks I might sell for. I don't hear their huddled conversation about my worth; such matters are for masters to know and for slaves to wonder about. I wait xncc with baited breath on my Master's decision and the thought uppermost in my mind is that I am about to be parted from Norge. My heart is heavy as I consider this possibility but then to my great delight I hear my Master tell sex videos xnxx Lionel Schuster - "My slave's not for sale - at least not yet". I am xnxx videos .com engulfed by a tidal wave of relief knowing xzxx I'm not to be sold and to follow Cato into the slave- holding pens. Uppermost in my mind is the knowledge that I won't to be parted from Norge. My gratitude to my Master overwhelms me and as he approaches xxnx. me, I xnxx1 fall to my knees and place myself in pics xnxx the obeisance position. I hear myself thanking him most profusely. "Thank you xnmx Master! Thank you for not selling me. Thank you Master!" Then as a further gesture of my gratitude to him I crawl forward and spontaneously kiss his feet. Even as I do so, I hear Daniel comparing me to one of his father's hunting dogs and I hear Jack's loud accompanying laughter. "Look at Rafe. He's kissing his master's feet just like a mangy, hound-dog. My Pa has a hound that does that just after you kick him. He crawls forward on his belly and licks your boots until you forgive him and pat him on the xnxx?? head. Are you going to pat Rafe's head, jepang site Guy?" I hear all this but I don't care. All that matters to me is that xnxx .net I'm not to be separated from Norge and I give no thought to xnxx galleries how I am debasing myself. So www xnxx com tags tamil great is my relief that I momentarily forget that I'm yet to service Lionel Schuster's cock. My Master ignores Daniel's question and gruffly orders me to my feet. Then, Lionel Schuster tries to claim me saudi xnxx video as his prize. My mind reels with the awful realisation that I must now fall to my knees, open my mouth and take his foulness into its warm embrace. I listen in disbelief - and nxnx www xnxx com search kannada relief - as my Master denies the slave-dealer his prize. I watch the anger consume Lionel Schuster and I hear his angry protests at my Master's retraction and his demands that "a www xnxx tv image xnxx promise given should be a promise kept". Anxiously, I listen as Lionel Schuster argues with my Master and I desperately hope that he won't reconsider and give xnxx.con in to dealer's demands. But he doesn't and xnxx anime in fact he jav xnxx is contemptuously xnxx cina dismissive of the dealer and tells him that I'm not available and that's an end to xxx videos the discussion. I'm overwhelmed with relief and my gratitude to my Master is boundless. Without thinking I'm about to tell him xnxx school girls this then I remember I am a slave and I must hold my tongue in the porn movies xnxx presence of free men. But I decide to bide my time before thanking my Master for sparing me from the obscenity that had hung over me all morning. "Stand up straight, boy and put your hands behind your head. DO IT QUICKLY NOW!" I scramble to my feet and stand obediently as my Master bids goodbye to my three former friends. They shake his hand and thank him for allowing them to watch my appraisal before wandering into the xnxx vedios slave pens to continue their search for Daniel's birthday present. I know that this isn't to be the last time I'll see them for my Master has reminded them of his invitation to attend his upcoming cocktail party where I'm to entertain them. And he re-enforces his invitation by ordering me to tell them xzxx. how eager I am for them to attend and how happy I'll be to pleasure them. After their departure, there are just my Master and Lionel Schuster in the yard. Of course I'm still there as are Lionel Schuster's two assistants. But like me they are xnx sex slaves and as such we are regarded as non-persons and so our presence doesn't count. Lionel Schuster is decidedly unhappy. He has an angry scowl on his face that speaks of his twin disappointments - his frustration at the loss of his prize and the fact that I'm not to be sold. Then throwing caution to the wind, he asks my Master to reconsider his decision not to sell me. He re-states an earlier opinion that there isn't a better time for me to mount the auction-block. He labours the point that there is phenomenal interest in xnxnxx me as the newly enslaved Lucien Barrois and that my Master xnxx hd videos dowinloding could just about set his own price for me. It is obvious that the dealer is desperate for me to be sold; clearly he wants to add to my misery and humiliation before I have time to become fully acclimatised to my telugu xnxx movies new slave status. But www xnxx com best 2018 09 my Master remains adamant and tersely tells xnxx him. "My slave's not for sale!" Lionel .xnxx Schuster knows he is beaten and lapses into a hd porn xnxx surly silence. My Master pointedly ignores Lionel Schuster and turns to xnxx porn leave. But he hesitates; he has one more question for the slave-trader. "Tell me Mr Schuster; do you ever find yourself with a perfectly matched pair of young slaves?" Lionel Schuster is intrigued by the question and his xxx image curiosity aroused, he asks. "What do you mean, Mr Maratier by xnxxx. a perfectly matched pair? Do you mean identical in looks or closely similar?" "Well I was thinking of identical twins or at the very least brothers who are as near a perfect match in build, weight and looks as is possible. Do such slaves ever come your way?" "No I'm afraid not. In all my years xnxx porno as a dealer, I've only ever seen two - perhaps three pairs of www xnxx com identical twins. They are very rare and very pricey. That is if you can movies xnxx find them in the first place. Can I ask about your interest in such slaves?" "Certainly! As you xnxx imposible possibly know my grandmother, Madame Charlotte Maratier is elderly and I'm looking for a safe and comfortable means of transportation for xnxx free porn her. I think driving a pony and trap is beyond her capabilities and only yesterday I commissioned a special conveyance for her. It is modelled on an eighteenth century sedan chair and is fully enclosed against the elements. However, it will xnxxx japanese require two strong slaves to carry it - one out front and one behind." "A sedan chair, you say? That's most unusual and I porno don't know that I have ever seen one. You'll be starting a new fashion with that I would think, Mr Maratier. Why I can see it becoming a fad with the xxx porn fashionable ladies of the town. Yes indeed! Can I ask - how heavy is it?" "Quite heavy I should think! The slaves will need to be burly, strong brutes to cope with its heavy load." "We have quite a few slaves who fall into that category, www xnxxx com Mr Maratier. You didn't see any that appealed on your earlier xnxx seen inspection of the pens?" "You're quite right, Mr Schuster. xnxx xxx You have any number of slaves who'd qualify if I was choosing just any slave. But I'm xnxux not! My grandmother is a special xxix video hd lady and I want nothing but the best for her. What I'm looking for is a perfectly matched pair of young thoroughbreds. They must be identical in appearance with well built and pleasing physiques and possess handsome features. Do such slaves exist? Do you ever have such new xnxx slaves come your way?" "Very rarely, Mr Maratier, very rarely I afraid." "Is it possible for you to make enquiries through your trade connections? I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I would be." Lionel Schuster's interest is aroused. He wonders about the extent of Guy Maratier's appreciation. This could be an excellent opportunity for him to mend fences and secure future business with xnxx the city's richest man. "Mr Maratier. I'll happily oblige you by indonesia xnxx making inquiries but I have to tell you that I don't xnxl hold out much hope of finding what you want. As I said such slaves are rare - very rare and their cost would be prohibitive. But I will make enquiries on your behalf. Can I ask the extent of your interest? How far are you prepared www xnxx com tags brazzers to go cost wise?" "Money's no object, Mr Schuster. Find me the slaves I'm after xnxx photos and you can name xnxx vedio your own price." "Well one thought that comes to mind is xxx photos to place a "special order' for such a pair such as you seek. There are men - buying agents if you like - who seek out possible slaves to suit a client's particular needs. They'll scour the slave markets far and wide seeking out the slaves that you desire. But it can be a tedious process xxnnx and an expensive one as you'll appreciate. And your order is very specific and might take some time to fill." "Well then can you use these agents to new xnxx hd try and find the slaves I want?" "Yes I can if that's your wish, Mr Maratier?" "Yes it is. Please do so at your earliest convenience, Mr Schuster." "Very well then, I make enquiries on your behalf this very day." "Thank you, Mr Schuster. Find me such a pair and I'm indebted to you. As I said money isn't an obstacle and I'm happy to pay whatever costs are involved. And there'll be a bonus in it for xxx xnx xnxxx japan com you too. As I said earlier, my grandmother is xnxx indian a very special xnxv lady deserving of the best I can give her." I watch as the two men sex take their leave of one another. His business now concluded, my Master takes his leave of Lionel Schuster and he walks out into the courtyard where Norge stands patiently waiting. Before we leave however, xnxxx2019 my Master instructs me to retrieve the umbrella and I follow behind shading xnxx xxx video him from the sun. During my inspection, the day's heat has intensified and as I follow my Master to his waiting cart, my body is blasted with the furnace like heat of the courtyard. My thoughts are for Norge who has been standing tethered throughout the morning in the sun's intensity and as I look in his direction, I see he's not sunny leone xnxx alone. Tethered alongside of him is my Master's new slave, Pollux and like Norge his body glistens from his profuse sweating. Norge has been standing lethargically in the summer heat with his head bowed and xnxx co as we enter the yard he xnxx vidoes stirs and looks in our direction. Although I am still some distance from him I don't miss his look of relief at seeing me and the broad, welcoming smile he flashes at me. It is obvious that he xnxx tv is delighted to see me and my xnxx porn hub heart skips a beat as I realise this. I return his smile. Later, alone video xnxx in our stall as we lay together, he'll tell me of his concern at my absence and of the agony of wondering if brazzers xnxx he would see me again. x.nxx He'd worried that our Master intended to sell me and he tells me how concerned he'd been when he heard that Cato had been taken to the slave-holding pens and xnxx pics how he was convinced that I was to xnnxxxx follow. He tells me his concerns were only added to when our www Master's latest purchase, Pollux was brought out and tethered to his cart. Then, more than ever, he xxx video was convinced I was to be sold and that Pollux was to be my replacement. For my part, I can't begin to express the relief I feel that I'm not to be parted from Norge xxxfoto and as I'm tethered alongside of him I am overwhelmed with happiness. We are together once more! xnxxpics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NORGE: I wish Pollux would stop talking. I'm in no mood to listen to his self-obsessed conversation. My mood is one of despondency; I have convinced myself that my Master is xpxx selling Rafe and that he is either in the slave-holding pens already or is now on his way to join the luckless Cato. Pollux is telling me all about himself. Of how "important" he was to his deceased master and how that master had relied heavily on Pollux talents. He openly boasts of how he'd manipulated his former master to his advantage. I find this hard to believe. Surely no self-respecting master would allow himself to be so easily 'managed" by such pornpics a cunning, conniving slave. I conclude that Pollux is either xnxx-com lying or boasting. But eventually his boasting give way to curiosity and he now plies me with questions about our Master and his household. It is natural for a newly purchased slave to be curious about his new owner and I answer his questions without showing my animosity. It's not clear to xxx p me in what capacity our Master will use Pollux. I wonder will he become our Master's personal body slave also destined to serve him in his bed. I look at Pollux and decide this could well be his new role. Certainly, xnxxy he has all the attributes of a pleasure slave. Tall and with an imposing physique, he is well endowed and he is truly a slave to set any master's pulse xxnx movie racing and his juices flowing. His handsome face would be a delight to wake up to each morning. It's clear that Pollux knows he is an impressive slave and he seems determined is to play on his many charms. But it is also clear that he is very self-absorbed and I wonder how that xnxx sex will sit with our Master. I've only known my new Master for a few days but already I have seen evidence of his volatile nature and his quick-to-anger temper. He has displayed www xnxx con both these aspects of his personality in his www.xnxx. treatment of Rafe and wwwxnxxcom I doubt that he'll take any nonsense from this new slave. And there is another factor xnxx gay Pollux will need to consider and that is our formidable Mistress, Charlotte Maratier. Certainly, she won't be taken in by Pollux's self-imagined, winning ways. She'll quickly see through him and he'll ignore this at his peril. I hear voices - other than Pollux's non-stop questions - and I xnxx videos hd look up to see my Master walking towards me. And to my great surprise I see Rafe walking behind x nx and holding the umbrella over his Master's head. My heart leaps and I am overjoyed. Rafe hasn't been sold and as I look in his direction, I see he is as happy to see me as I am to see Him. His xlxx face is wreathed in a broad smile and it is matched by my own. This is most unseemly behaviour for a slave when in the company of his master; a slave is never to show his emotions and his countenance is to remain impassive at all times. Such a breach is punishable with a caning. Fortunately for Rafe - and me -our Master doesn't see either of us smiling. But I don't care if our Master does see me smiling. Today, I would happily submit nxxnx to a caning as punishment for that smile. It would be a small price to pay for Rafe's return. japan xnxx >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RAFE: For my part, I can't begin to express my feelings of relief that I'm not xnxx of speed to be parted from Norge and as I'm tethered alongside of him I am overwhelmed with happiness. Our Master climbs into his cart and we are ordered to "WALK ON!" and he adds emphasis to his command by applying his whip to Norge's shoulders. Norge strains into his harness, the cart moves forward and www xnxx com search bf we are on our way. 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It is unusual to see three ponies harnessed to a small cart - to some people at first sight this would appear to be overdoing it - and they perhaps don't see that Pollux and I aren't in harness but are simply in www xnxx transit. But nevertheless, we do present an agreeable picture as we run side by side in our sweaty nakedness and our aroused states. We xnxx moves xnxnn attract many admiring glances and our Master is envied for possessing us. He's aware of this xmxx tamil xnxx envy and proudly, he basks in his ownership of us; for there isn't any doubting that all three of us are superb slaves. Later as the three of us stand tethered outside the "Le Gai Parisien" Restaurant, we are the focus of more attention. Our Master is lunching with his lawyer, Simon Barrow in the air-conditioned luxury xxx c of the city's most exclusive restaurant. We on the other hand stand sweltering in the sun and our sweat soaked bodies glisten in the bright sunlight. People stop to admire us and to discuss our physical attributes. We must stand xnxx of mom mute and listen as they ask - "whose slaves are these?" Or - "what a fortunate owner he must be to possess such prime specimens! He must be extremely wealthy?"But slave protocols forbid us to reply. One or two of the more daring among our admirers take it upon themselves to finger us. And as I feel these strangers' hands on my body, I seethe with helpless indignation. It is considered extremely bad-mannered to handle a slave without xnxzx his owner's permission and as far as I know these strangers don't have my Master's permission to examine, Norge, Pollux or me. But the rules governing a slave's behaviour are rigid and strictly enforced. A slave must never show disrespect, surliness or xnxx sexy display any action that can be construed as resentment or defiance towards a free person. This applies even when that person is taking uninvited liberties with a slave's body as is now the case with the three of us. We stand in animal-like docility as our bodies are pummelled and our xnxx hd sex videos muscles squeezed in a test of their hardness. Even as our cocks are stroked and our balls hefted we remain complacent in our acceptance of this unwanted attention. It is only when my buttocks xnxx videos download are parted and I feel a finger teasing my anus that I react. But my reaction is no more than a slight tremor that goes unnoticed by my examiner. We are tethered on the open street and there's no shade provided for us. In keeping with its colonial xnxx.porno past the restaurant's owners had built an elaborate wrought iron hitching-rail and water trough which harmonise with the building's grand facade. Of course these were put in place many years ago when xx nxx horse drawn carriages where commonly used. Nowadays, horses are no longer used - they are now considered too noble an animal to be used for such menial work and they have been xnxm replaced by pony slaves. However, because xnxxx com xnxxjav of their ascetic and heritage values, the city's authorities require that the rail and trough be retained and they are now used by the restaurant's patrons as a convenient place to rest and water their ponies. And we aren't alone; for there are several other xnxx viedo ponies tethered with us as they too wait while their masters or mistresses lunch. Time moves slowly for us and in our boredom xnxxkorea we have nothing better to do but to look on as the passing crowds hurry about their xnxxi business. I watch as an obviously well-heeled, xnxx hd city matron pauses at the trough to allow her pedigreed dog to drink. She ignores us and allows the spoiled dog to jump into the trough to xnxxcomhd cool off xtxx from the day's heat. I watch as the dog splashes xxx poto around and drinks his fill of xnxx- xnxxporn water. I am envious of the dog. The run from the slave-pens to the restaurant has parched my throat but like the dog I can only drink when my Master permits me to. As his mistress tugs at his leash, xxx images the dog clambers out of the water trough, stands and shakes the excess water from his fur. It is then that I notice his expensive collar. best sexy photos porn pics hot pictures xxx images - It is elaborate and studded with jewels -whether or not they are genuine it is hard to say. But I do know it is far more elaborate than the plain, standard issue, iron collars that Norge, Pollux and I wear xxnx video hd around our necks xnxx videos and no doubt it exceeds them in value. This restaurant is the city's most exclusive and expensive and it is a popular meeting place for the city's social and business elite. I had frequented it many times and so I'm no stranger to its elegance and grace. In fact, less than a week ago, I had lunched there with Simon Barrow as we discussed plans for the future expansion of the Barrois estate. Then I was xnxxxx obsequiously welcomed by the maitre d' and his slave assistants. Now I am forbidden to ever enter its doors. Now I must wait - tethered outside - as my Master lunches with Simon Barrow as they plan for the xnxx sex orderly transfer xnxxjepang of the former Barrois fortune over to the Maratier family. Wistfully, I gaze through the xxnxhd large picture windows into the restaurant and I reminisce about those happy occasions when I had dined there with my friends. I recall the elaborate "faux" baroque decor of the dining-room, the porn hd xnxx large crystal chandeliers and the servile attitudes of the slave waiters. But most of all, I remember the menu. The memory of the restaurant's exquisite cuisine and the highest grade www xnxx com best 2019 04 wine list torment me. For they are now xnxx top lost to me forever. Never again will my tastebuds be porn xnxx excited www. xnxx video com by the rich food and the xxxxx fine wines for which Le Gai Parisien is justifiably famous. Now I must xnxz exist wwwxnxx on xnxx sex vedio a slave's diet of bland mush and water. The delicious aromas of cooking wafting xxxcom from the restaurant only serve to tease my sense of smell, tantalise my tastebuds and make my empty belly rumble. As I wait, I'm learning a valuable lesson - patience. This is the patience that is japanese xnxx required of all slaves. Time www xnxx com tags bhabhi isn't of any consequence nxnn to a slave; it rightly belongs to his owner and how it is used is at the owner's discretion. My thoughts turn to Norge and I think of all the times I made him stand and wait for me without xnxx photo ever giving him a second thought xnxx movies xnlx and I now marvel at his patience and forbearance. These are attributes that I'm yet to xnxx in learn. Time drags slowly and xnxx sex video the enforced inactivity grates on me. I have no way of telling the time and how long we wait is open to conjecture. It could xnnxporn be one and a half to two hours but in the tedium of my boredom it seems infinitely longer to me. Then I see my Master and Simon Barrow www xnxx com search youporn leave the restaurant and walk toward us. As they approach, I xnx porn lower my eyes to the ground under Simon's scrutiny of me and once more my shame and embarrassment return. Just days ago, I was free and this man had been www xnxx com tags xnxxcom my lawyer. Now I am a slave and he is my Master's xnxx tube lawyer. A few days ago, he would have deferred to me. Now I must lower my eyes and stand respectfully silent as xnxx hd indian he surveys me. "How's Rafe doing, Guy? Is he settling down?" He asks my Master. "All things considered, yes he is, Simon. It must xnxx2019. be hard for him to adjust but I feel he's getting there - slowly. Of course, I found it necessary to punish him again, yesterday. He was disrespectful to my grandmother and he received another good caning for it. But he's quick to learn his lessons and I don't doubt he'll be a good slave - in time. That's right isn't it Rafe? You'll make a good slave, won't you?" There xxx.xnx is only one answer I can give xxnn to my Master's question and I reply respectfully, "Yes Master." "Yes what, Rafe?" My Master is playing mind-games with me. Obviously, he is out to highlight my new slave status to my former lawyer and to demonstrate the power he now holds over me. It would be so easy to fall into his trap and so I must pick my words carefully before replying. I xnxx free will www xnxx in give him the answer he expects and not show any resentment in my voice. The last thing I want is another caning. "Yes Master," I try to sound cheerful as is expected of a slave, "I'll be a good slave, Master." "Good boy, Rafe! You may say hello to Mr Barrow." "Good afternoon, Sir!" Again I force myself to be pleasant but as I greet Simon Barrow the bile rises in my throat. "Hello Rafe. How are you settling in?" "Very well, xnxx video hd thank you Sir!" "Good boy, Rafe. I'm pleased to hear it." Then patronisingly he pays me a compliment. "I got to say, Guy. Your boy has a most pleasing manner." "Indeed he does, Simon. He has just the right tone of respect that xnxvideos I expect from my slaves. As I said he's a quick learner." "I can see that, Guy. Already he displays a deferential air to xnxxfreeporn his betters. xdnxx So, are you happy with his valuation?" My Master and his lawyer confer out of earshot - I strain unsuccessfully to hear - but I hear Simon's surprised whistle and exclamation. "THAT MUCH! He's worth a small indian fortune." My curiosity nags at xnxxx/ me and porn videos I porn photos wonder about my true worth. But as I said earlier - that is xnxx hindi for a master to know and for a slave to wonder about. Still it would be interesting to know how much I am worth to my Master in pure monetary terms. My Master climbs into the cart as Simon untether us and www xnxx com home 4 hands the reins to him. Wrongly, I assume the lawyer is about to take his leave but then he too clambers in and sits beside my Master. Poor Norge! Is he really expected to pull both men through the city in such heat? "WALK ON!" My Master re-enforces his imperious command by sharply slapping the reins against Norge's shoulders. Norge strains into his harness and lunges forward. But the load is uneven; the passenger's xxnnxx weight adds to it and Norge struggles to www xnxx .com get the cart moving. "PULL! DAMN YOU PULL!" The heat is xnnxxx affecting my Master. He is liverish and bad-tempered. Viciously he uses his whip to xnxx video lash out at Norge's unprotected www xnxx com search mom back and ass. I hear the crack of the whip and I feel Norge's shivering response to its cruel bite. From somewhere he draws on hidden cnxx reserves of strength and the cart lurches forward. "PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT, NORGE! PULL!" With a superhuman effort Norge soon has the cart moving forward porn xnxx sex at the speed our Master demands of him. I look sideways at my friend and I see the enormous strain this places on his body. Every muscle in his powerful frame stands out in isolated relief and every sinew and tendon is highlighted. His mighty chest rises and falls in time with his laboured xnxx xnxx breathing and his long legs are xnxn the pistons that keep the conveyance moving. His is perspiring freely and I can xncx smell the arousing, heady aroma of his sweat soaked torso and my cock lengthens into rock hard prominence. Soon, I am running in step and keeping pace with him and despite my new found outrage at xnxxx jepang this abuse xnxxt of Norge, I find all this is highly erotic. Running naked alongside Norge excites me. It www xnxx com search xxx is sexually arousing and as I keep pace with him I think forward to the day when we'll be a matched pair running in tandem under our Master's whip. I try to telugu xnxx videos share Norge's burden. I grasp the shaft to which I'm tied in my right hand and I pull in a one armed effort to lessen his load. I don't know if I'm helping but there is satisfaction for xnxx hd .com me in knowing that I am at least trying. I want so much to help him. He has helped me so xnnnx much in recent days and now I want to say thank you to Norge xnxxx mom for his support. Our Master and his passenger look out on our sundrenched bodies from xxnxx the shade of the carriage's overhead canopy. Obviously, we are an agreeable sight for we are discussed and xnxx brazzers compared with one another in great detail. Approvingly, they note our broad shoulders, narrow waists and the well- rounded curves of our buttocks. They speak xnxxx japan admiringly about the play of the different muscle groups in our backs and at the way they interact with one another as we run. They speak glowingly of our strong muscular legs running in unison and Simon laughs at the "comical sight of our bouncing balls slapping against nxnnx the inside of our thighs with each step we take". But it is our asses that intrigue them the most. They are the subject of much ribald comment and the two men laughingly compare our asses with hot sex one another and debate bokep xnxxx which one appeals to them the most. My Master directs Simon's attention to Norge and points out that his is a "real pony's ass". He tells Simon it is all hard, lean muscle that exudes power; a power that is added to each time Norge is driven. He describes it as "most responsive to his whip" and to emphasise this point he applies his whip to Norge's ass in a series of short, sharp cuts that cause Norge to lunge forward in a vain attempt to outrun the whip's fiery stings. Next their attention is drawn to Pollux. Both men share the common view that this is "an agreeably attractive ass" that would do sterling service in the most discerning of master's bed. My Master laughingly calls it xkxx a "whore's ass" and tells Simon how he'd been attracted to it by the way Pollux had presented it to him for his inspection through the bars of his holding pen. He tells Simon how Pollux had positioned his ass between two bars; spread his legs wide and "opened xxx s up" for inspection. But he tells Simon it was xnxx sex hd Pollux's alluring wriggle that had sold himself to sex image my Master. He adds he'd found this irresistible and he'd had made an bokep xnxx immediate offer to buy Pollux and not to wait until he went to auction. Fortunately, the agents www xnxx com search malayalam acting for the estate of Pollux's deceased owner accepted his offer and Pollux now tamil xnxx hd belongs to him. He tells Simon www xnxx com tags indian xxx that Pollux is the first slave he has xmnxx ever purchased and the lawyer congratulates xnxx video him on his "excellent taste". Simon asks in what xnxxvideo capacity my Master will xnxxtube use Pollux. He replies that as yet xnvxx he is undecided but Pollux will most definitely fulfil some preliminary duties in his bed chamber. Now it is my turn and I hear xnxx indonesia Simon describe my ass as being "pert". It's an unusual description and xnxxindonesia I wonder about his use of this word. I try to recall the true meaning of pert and xnxx vidios xnxx pic if my recollection is correct then I know it to mean cheeky. So Simon thinks I have a cheeky ass. Whether or not this is so I don't know. My Master tells Simon how Lionel Schuster had mentioned my ass was one of my many attractive features, how it would be a major "selling point" working in my Master's favour and how buyers would see me as a "pleasure slave" because of it. Simon asks if this is to be my future. I hold my breath and wait to hear his reply. "No Simon! I have other xnxx porn films plans for Rafe. After he has undergone conditioning out at La Foret and he has been x nx broken into harness, he's to be paired with Norge as a pony. I've decided to order a new two pony carriage for myself - one more in keeping with my new social position. And of course there'll a new, xnxxx matching harness set for both Norge and Rafe. I want something that's different to the one Norge is xnxx hd video wearing at present. I want their new harness to be more upmarket and a little more showy. I want my new carriage and ponies to be elegant - not ostentatious - but noticeable" I'm relieved. My Master is to keep me and he has decided on my immediate future. I am to remain with Norge and to work alongside of him. I am xnxx video sex happy at the thought that Norge and I are to stay together - at least for the foreseeable future. Then sadly I realise this is as much happiness as a slave can expect. Inevitably at some time in the future Norge and I porn image will be parted. Some day our Master will decide to sell us - either singly or together. But until then I am to remain with Norge. My thoughts are cruelly interrupted by the xvxx cruel sting of my xnxx/ Master's whip on my back. "Rafe! Pick up your pace and stay in step with Norge. And you too Pollux!" My Master is growing impatient and he drives Norge faster. Norge sets the pace and Pollux and I must match it. I look around to see where we are heading; I know this part of town and with a sinking feeling I now know my Master's destination. He is on his way to the head-office of the Barrois business empire. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Once more xnxx mobile we are left to stand xnxx sex video .com and wait as our Master and his lawyer disappear through xnxx vids the wide double doors of the office block which is the nerve centre of the vast Barrois business empire. Until a few days ago this building had belonged to me exclusively and I think wistfully of the luxurious, air- conditioned office suite on the top floor of the building; the office suite which had been mine but sadly is no longer so. As a slave I am denied entry - xnxx hd hindi indeed if I was xnxx india foolish enough to even venture near its entrance I would be inviting the direst of punishment on myself - and I now stand before it xnxx as a naked outcast. I am overwhelmed with a sense of grief and shame. Just being here rubs my nose in my misfortune; it emphasises the losses I have sustained over the past few days. And even as I grieve over those losses they are compounded. I watch as supervisors oversee my former slaves as they remove all signs bearing the name of the former Lucien Barrois from the front of the building. Tears well in my eyes as I see xxxnxx them replaced with newer, more elaborate signs with the name "Guy Maratier and Son" written prominently in gold lettering. The old Barrois family is no more. Now discredited and disgraced it is replaced by the new Maratier dynasty embodied in Guy Maratier and his son, Etienne. I have no other recourse but to stand and wait on my Master. I feel a terrible loneliness and I begin to weep. But I'm not alone. Norge is by my side and he feels for me in xxnx movies my loneliness and my grief. He looks directly into my face and xnxx hd video downloading his eyes mirror my sadness. He doesn't smile and harnessed as he is he can't xnxxv touch me but he speaks softly for my hearing alone. "Rafe, it's all gone! It's all in the past. You need to forget everything and let it go! It's time to move on and I'll be here to help you". However, my hand is free and I reach out and touch his gentle face and strong chest. It is my way of expressing my gratitude to him for his affection and support to me. And strangely, I do draw strength from him. Just the warm feel of his xn xx strong body beneath my hands encourages me to look forward. I know my future is bleak and it is without the promise of redemption but I draw solace from his friendship. Tearfully I respond to his kindness and I tell him from the very depths of my being. "Thank you, Norge! Thank you so much! Norge, I love you!" With all that has happened to me in recent days, Norge has been the one constant in the awful misery of my new life. His actions and words give me the will to continue into the sex images future. And fortuitously it is a future that our Master has decided we'll spend together. Suddenly relief comes to the three of us in the form of one of the company's outdoor slave porters. xnxxx indo He carries water, drinking mugs and a bucket and he has been sent by our Master to give us water and to assist us to piss xnzz if required. He recognises me as x video his former master and he taunts me. "Welcome Master!" In addressing me in this www xnxx com. manner the slave is being facetious. "Have you come to inspect your holdings?" I xnxx xxx com remember this slave from a previous visit when www xnxx com tags xvideo I telugu xnxx had found it necessary to have him severely caned. The weather on that occasion had been xmxx porn very wet and I recall how www xnxx com tags hd I had driven Norge through the driving rain to arrive here on time for some meeting or other - xnxx video 2019 I can't recall whether or not www.xnxx it was an important one- but Norge xnix phim xnxx had found the trip hard going and we were behind time. I was mom xnxx very particular about punctuality and I had whipped Norge hard to arrive a few minutes before the appointed time. Thinking back, I wwwxxo.nx realise how unfair I'd been to Norge that day. He'd given of his xnxxc best and still I hadn't been xnx photo satisfied. I had shouted at him to move his "lazy ass" and I whipped him furiously without making any concession to the fact that he was running into a head wind and driving rain. sex xn All I could think was that 'I am running late xxxxxx and Norge is to blame.' But I did have a twinge of conscience after we arrived. I looked at Norge and I felt remorse. He was soaked to the skin and he was shivering so hard that his teeth were chattering. I became concerned xnxxxxx for his wellbeing. But my concern wasn't for a fellow being; rather it was that of a master for a valued slave. After all, Norge was my personal pony. I site xnxx recall this slave hurrying forward with an umbrella to keep me dry as I alighted from my carriage www xnxx com search indian 1 and handing him my morning newspaper to hold as I retrieved my briefcase nnxx from the storage compartment. And he dropped my newspaper into a puddle of water. I hadn't as xnxx sex .com yet read the newspaper and now it was waterlogged and useless. I was furious. As a free man, I couldn't abide sloppiness or carelessness in a slave. This slave had grievously offended me and there was a price to pay for that. I instructed him to move Norge out of the rain and into shelter and to give him a warm drink to help him xnxxxhd thaw out. Then I instructed him to take himself to xnxxx video his supervisor with my request that he receive twenty stokes of the cane. I remember he blanched as I told him he was to xbxx be punished for his carelessness in dropping my newspaper and he'd begged xnxx hd com for my forgiveness. But his pleading was in vain. That morning I wasn't in a forgiving mood. Now he stands before me and taunts me. He tells me there'll be no water for me. He xxn hd reminds me of his caning and tells me as far xxnxxhd as he's concerned "You could be lying on the ground dying from thirst and I wouldn't even piss on you." Such is his hatred of me that he now examines the marks of our Master's cane on my ass and as he runs his fingers over the angry, red welts. xn.xx He laughingly xnxx hd 2019 asks. "Did it hurt? ........ Master." He takes pleasure in my distress xxxx and offers water to Pollux and Norge whilst ignoring me. Pollux takes his and drinks thirstily and asks for more. Norge on the other hand refuses to drink until I am given water and he tells the slave that I desi sex pic am now a slave like him and worthy of his compassion. He ignores me and asks Norge "Where was his compassion when he was our Master? He never showed pity to any slave so why should he now expect it to be shown to him. I haven't any to extend to him. xxx sexy photo He can rot as far as xnxx asia I'm concerned." But Norge persists and refuses to drink his water until I am also given water. He tells the slave that our new Master is quick to temper and should he return and find that his pony is still stressed from lack of water then the slave might well be punished. The slave, chastened by Norge's words, now xnxx.hd gives me my ration of water to drink. Running in the photoxxx afternoon's heat under our Master's whip has made us thirsty xnxx hd porn and like Pollux, both Norge and I videos xnxx soon empty our mugs sex movies xnxx and we xxx video hd ask for more. Twice more, the slave refills our cups until our thirst is quenched. Water xnxx sex has never tasted sweeter and the emptying of my bladder never more satisfying. Refreshed, we now wait on our Master. As the slave leaves us, he looks desi xnxx into my face xnxx full hd and hisses. "I hope you rot in the hell of your own making ................Master." We don't have long to wait for our Master's return as shortly after, he and my former lawyer, Simon Barrow exit the hotel and walk toward us. Both men are in a jovial mood. Obviously, all has gone well xnxw for them. I'm not to know - indeed it is no free xnxx porn longer any of my concern - but the paperwork authorising the transfer of all my former assets to Guy Maratier has been finalised and all that was once mine now belongs to him. I am listed as one of my Master's many assets and xxx n officially, I am now his property. Now truly, I am his slave. I watch as my Master shakes Simon Barrow's hand and I hear him issue an invitation to his upcoming cocktail party. I wonder if I'll be made to entertain him in the same manner that I'm to entertain my former friends. Our Master takes his leave of his lawyer and for the rest of the afternoon he - and his whip - make sure all three of us run in unison through the sweltering heat as he www xnxx com search xvideos drives Norge from hdxnxx one xnxnx destination to another. He makes several more stops where we stand and wait patiently for our Master's return and two stops in particular fill me with foreboding. One is at the practice of www.xnxxx a slave veterinarian - and I wonder if this is related to my imminent xnxxx indonesia skinning. But it is www xnxx com tags school the last stop of the day that fills me with cold terror. We stop briefly at an ironmongers and I watch in horror as xnixx my Master returns carrying a new branding iron. Quite deliberately, he exposes it to my view and I can see it is the Maratier replacement for the old Barrois brand. As I look at it, I can feel its searing heat on my flesh. Consumed by my fear, I run silently alongside Norge on the long trip home. I want desperately to be alone with Norge. I want to feel his strong arms encircle me and I need for him to ease away all the day's shame and humiliation. But most of all I need his strength to sustain me. To be continued......

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